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The Littletons - Ep 1 "The Kids Are Alright"

Janice Littleton is a middle-class, middle-American mom trying to navigate one of the weirdest times of our lives while taking care of her family.

When she attends a school board meeting she’s shocked to see the chaos. Suddenly, people in this tight-knit community are yelling and throwing chairs! Suddenly, Gabe’s teacher is fired for no reason! Suddenly, Janice is compelled to run for the school board! What will happen next? Stay tuned!

Voices by Melissa Samuels (Janice), Adam Parker (Frank, Grandpa), Lucy Parker (Morgan), Henry Parker (Gabe), Loretta Fox (Colleen), Renee Albert (Mrs. Young),  Renee Hense (Mrs. Henderson), Mark Fite (Brad Mintz)

Littletons home set created by Chris Brown @elmshade_design

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