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The Littletons - Ep 4 "Choice"

Janice takes a break from stuffing campaign envelopes and baking cookies with her face on them to help her cousin Grace with a big decision.

Janice offers to take care of her kids while Grace goes to take care of herself only it’s for longer than expected. Unfortunately, like many women, Grace has to travel far and wide to do what’s best for her and her family. After the chaos in the Littleton home subsides, all is good except for Frank, who wishes Janice didn’t “choose” to babysit!

Voices by Melissa Samuels (Janice), Adam Parker (Frank, Grandpa, Cop), Lucy Parker (Morgan), Henry Parker (Gabe), Loretta Fox (Colleen), Mark Fite (Announcer) Stephanie Lemelin (Grace) Osias Morgenthau, Mizia Morgenthau (kids)

Littletons home set created by Chris Brown @elmshade_design

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