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The Littletons - Ep 3 "Documented"

Janice goes to submit her candidacy documents at the county registrar and bumps into her old childhood arch nemesis, Colleen.

Long ago, they competed against each other at the school dance. Now, it seems it will be for the school board! To make matters worse, Colleen tells Janice her candidacy petition is invalid if any non-citizens signed and sends her into a panic before the deadline! When she goes back to Grandpa’s home health aide, Isabella Lopez and Frank’s co-worker, Pablo Hernandez, Janice realizes what being a good citizen really is.

Voices by Melissa Samuels (Janice), Adam Parker (Frank, Grandpa), Lucy Parker (Morgan), Henry Parker (Gabe), Loretta Fox (Colleen), Vivianne Nacif (Isabella) Eduardo Roman (Pablo)

Littletons home set created by Chris Brown @elmshade_design

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