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The Littletons - Ep 6 "American Dream"

Colleen launches a smear campaign and Janice starts getting hate mail and pressure from Frank to drop out of the race.

Janice is conflicted. After, all, her family didn’t sign up for this harassment. When she decides to sleep on it Janice has a dream that causes an awakening. With encouragement from Morgan, she decides to soldier on but will she win or lose? Tune into the finale of The Littletons to find out!

Voices by Melissa Samuels (Janice), Adam Parker (Frank, Grandpa, PoliticalAd VO, Gary), Lucy Parker (Morgan), Henry Parker (Gabe), Jen Reiter Barker (Diane), Stephanie Lemelin (Grace), Renée Albert (Ms Young), Loretta Fox (Colleen),  Mark Fite (Brick), Littletons home set created by Chris Brown @elmshade_design

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