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The Littletons - Ep 2 "Campaign Race Theory"

Janice gets to know her neighbors better when she goes door to door, gathering campaign signatures for her petition.

She also gets to know more about what the heck she’s gotten herself into after experiencing CRT brouhaha and a book burning! Looking for answers, Janice goes to Gabe’s former teacher, now working at a coffee shop, and ends up with more questions about why everyone is so worked up.

Voices by Melissa Samuels (Janice), Adam Parker (Frank, Grandpa), Lucy Parker (Morgan), Henry Parker (Gabe), Loretta Fox (Colleen), Jen Reiter (Diane, Virginia) Renee Albert (Mrs. Young),  Renee Hense (Mrs. Henderson), Mark Fite (Mr. Glynn)

Littletons home set created by Chris Brown @elmshade_design

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