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The Littletons - Trailer

THE LITTLETONS addresses social issues in bite-sized episodes through relatable characters and crudely animated satire.

At the center is Janice Littleton, a mom coping with one of the weirdest times of our lives while taking care of her family - Morgan; a teenager who thinks of herself as "woke" while her mom thinks she'd get better grades if she woke up earlier. Gabe; a Nintendo obsessed 4th grader who misses the pandemic lockdown when his mom was his teacher. Husband Frank;  who'd never admit he’s afraid of this fast-changing world or anything else (cause only wimps get scared). Grandpa; an old-fashioned simple man who longs for 'simpler times'. Then there's all the other  characters in the tight-knit community of Midville who, along with The Littletons, remind us all that every little voice counts.

Created by Melissa Samuels and Adam Parker Voices by Melissa Samuels, Adam Parker,  Lucy Parker, Henry Parker, Loretta Fox, Renee Albert,  Renee Hense, Mark Fite, Jen Reiter Barker, Stephanie Lemelin, Annie Burns, Vivianne Nacif, Eduardo Roman, Osias and Mizia Morgenthau,

Littletons home set created by Chris Brown @elmshade_design

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