What freedoms are at stake?

We’ve seen what happens when Trump Republicans have claimed to be for freedom only to take it away and impose their will.

Voting Rights

Ensuring people have the freedom to vote, and that our elections are run freely and fairly.

Since 2020, Republicans have proposed 262 bills in 41 states that limit, politicize and even criminalize the nonpartisan administration of elections, including criminalizing giving water to people waiting in long voting lines. 1

Abortion Rights

The decision about who to start a family with - and when - is deeply and profoundly personal. Democrats believe it should be between a woman, her family, her spiritual beliefs and her doctor.

Spent the last 50 years working to remove reproductive rights from women. Now working to criminalize those rights.

Safe Communities

Prioritizing the investments we need in anti-violence programs, and ensuring police are trained and able to protect and serve our communities. Taking the “well-regulated” part of the 2nd amendment seriously, including passing the first gun control legislation in decades 2 and now fighting for renewing the lapsed ban on assault rifles.

The Republican plan of ever increasing inequality, cuts to services, unlimited access to guns, and removing public accountability safeguards for police makes everyone less safe.

Sensible Immigration

Building a safe and fair system that respects families. Tackling the root causes of immigration pressures: global violence, the flow of guns, and climate change.

Republican attacks on and defunding of the legal immigration and asylum system is a direct cause of the chaos at the border, leading to ever-increasing militarization and scapegoating immigrants.

Retirement and Health Care

Social Security and Medicare are benefits that we pay for out of our pockets our whole lives. Seniors deserve the sacred trust that Social Security represents. Americans who work for a living have invested our whole lives and deserve to retire in dignity.

Head of the National Republican Senate Committee Senator Rick Scott has proposed ending both Social Security and Medicare every five years. 3

What about the economy?

President Biden and Democrats have been working to lower prices and create a more fair tax system, and they have helped Americans build the strongest job growth and most new small businesses in history over the past two years. The top priorities of Trump Republicans are dismantling democracy for profit, and more tax cuts, corruption, and cheating for the wealthy.

Job creation

In 18 months, Biden has created more than 9.6M jobs — FIVE TIMES more than the last three GOP presidents combined. 4 2021 saw the most small business growth in US history.5 6

Fewer than 5% of all new jobs since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 have been created under Republican presidents.7 Republicans are the party of recessions, deficits, low wages, and pain.

Lowering prices

Democrats will keep fighting for action on the wealthy corporations that are raising your prices and then bragging about outsized profits on earning calls.8 9 Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the first significant US climate legislation that will also lead to lower costs for prescription drugs, healthcare and energy for families.10 11

Republicans have done nothing to tackle inflation, and have ZERO plans to do so.12

American manufacturing

Passed the CHIPS act — a bill supported by 89% of Americans. It's the first step in bringing manufacturing back to the US.13 And it’s already working. 14

Trump and his cronies talk a lot about manufacturing jobs, but their record shows a history of lies, self-dealing, corruption, and failures to deliver.


The bill passed by the Democrats includes making the richest corporations — many which have paid nothing in taxes for the past few years — pay what they owe. 15 Democrats also fought for the Child Tax Credit, which cut child poverty to the lowest levels ever. 16

Under Trump, their single priority was a gigantic, budget breaking tax giveaway to the rich. 17 Now, the Rick Scott plan would raise taxes on millions of poor and working classes Americans.18 They also support defunding the IRS to enable tax cheats 19 and make it slower to get refunds. 20

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